Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quiting this blog

Dear readers,

I think i'm stopping my blog.
It takes to much time to post something each week, and i'm not getting enough response from you as readers.

I'm looking for a platform to host my vids, so if any of you has some ideas i'm gladly to hear them.

Thanks for following me........


  1. Seems a lot of people are dropping blogger these days. It'll be sad to see you go.

  2. ditto - seem i have to put as lot of effort into my blog to get one or two comments from faithful followers ...but not from the hundreds of passers by ...

  3. So sad that you are quitting ... I've enjoyed your contributions immensely over the years and miss you when your newest blog is overdue. I hope that you find a more appreciative audience for your adventures ... virtually every adventure you have been on has struck a chord with my fantasies ... sadly at my age they are destined to remain mostly fantasies ... hope I find you again wherever you go from here ... THANKS

  4. I hope you reconsider. I too have enjoyed your blog, pictures and video's. Don't take the lack of comments as a lack of interest. Many times I would like to comment on how you have moved me and made many a nights dreams. I just think that I don't have anything interesting enough to say and thought I might be wasting your time with my comments. Maybe others feel as I do and just wanted to say more than "great video" but just didn't know how. Many times I've wished I could be your captive or made you mine ! Again, I hope you change your mind. You are appreciated and we do care.

  5. i also hope you don't quitte the blog.
    Really enjoy those bondage ideas you have.
    And also the one where you are bound in blue plastic pants diapers and straitjacket..
    Those looks sooo nice :)


  6. Thats sad news if indeed you do decide to stop your blog

    if its webspace you are after - get in touch - my site is and i have space for others if they need it - if thats the problem - and if there is anything we can say to make you keep going then we will do it - lots of people stay in the background whilst enjoying reading others blogs - maybe its about time people started sharing more to keep things fresh. running my own site takes most of my time so i dont input into blogs often.

    i really enjoy your musings, postings etc - would be a crying shame to lose them - but understand the reasons why you may quite

  7. Hello,

    What a wonderful blog with good videos. When viewing is difficult to stay still on the chair. I am left with the question whether I should ever again experiencing. Silent I hope to find elsewhere more work from you, or maybe even a session may take along with you.

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