Saturday, February 26, 2011

Leather boys (7)

You know i love to see boys wearing their leathers.

Honor Blackman (1927-present) once said:
"I'm told leather drives men up the wall. I like wearing it because it feels nice."

I can not agree more with this.......

Here are some more interesting pictures of leather boys i've found on the net.....

Aren't they cute and horney in their leathers ??

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to: chaining down a leather boy

In this item you can see how a leather boy is chained down on a mattress.

This is the leather boy in his one-piece leather dainese suit:

This is how he get's chained down:

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sling adventure

My best (bondage) friend wanted to be tied up in a sling. So he could relax a little. He thought.......
As you can see on the pictures i chained his balls to the floor. Every movement he makes he feels in his balls. His erect dick was driving him crazy in his tight leather play suit......

Thursday, February 17, 2011

On the chair in rainwear

I drive a motorcycle and some time ago i had bought some rainwear. It's nice and shiny. I thought it would be great in a bondage scene on my bondage chair. It was........

Monday, February 14, 2011

Naked bondage art ? (2)

Sometimes you find some impressive pictures on the web of (almost naked) men in bondage. Are they art or not ??

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Results of the poll

Here are the result of the januari poll. I liked the poll very much and i was very curious what the results would be....

Poll 1:
You know I like bondage in leather, so what leather do you prefer seeing a guy tied wearing? (You may choose max 3 sorts of gear). I will wear the most voted gear in my next session…

132 readers did vote.

Results in order:
1 Leather bondage gear (e.g. SJ) 82 votes
2 Leather motorcycle gear 36 votes
3 Leather pants 31 votes
4 Leather play-suit 28 votes
5 Leather socks 26 votes
6 Leather overall 22 votes
7 Leather shorts 17 votes
8 Nothing, completely naked 14 votes
9 Leather shirt 10 votes
10 Casual leather (street)wear 10 votes
11 Leather underwear 9 votes
12 Leather bib-overall 8 votes
13 Other (leave comment explaining, please) 4 votes

Poll 2:
Choose the bondage gear for the bondage guy from the poll. Max 5 items. See also the pictures from my entry on the 12 jan.
In my poll "what leather do you prefer seeing a guy tied wearing?" you can choose for leather bondage gear. Understandable a lot of you want to see a guy wear some bondage gear. But i'm curious what kind of gear you think of and prefer. In this entry i have put some numbered pictures of the gear i have and can be put on the bondage guy. There's also a new additional poll online in which you can choose the gear. You can choose 5 pieces. The bondage guy will wear the most choosen gear (if possible) in his next session.

90 readers did vote.

Result in order:
1----Strait jacket------------42 votes
2----Chastity shorts-------- 24 votes
3----Bondage chair----------21 votes
4----Mitts-------------------21 votes
5----Cock cage--------------20 votes
6----Hood 3-----------------20 votes
7----Muzzle-----------------20 votes
8----Hood 1------------------17 votes
9----Gag 1-------------------16 votes
10---Gag 2------------------16 votes
11---Chains------------------15 votes
12---Padlocks----------------15 votes
13---Vibrating cock ring------15 votes
14---Ankle cuffs--------------14 votes
15---Blindfold----------------13 votes
16---Ankle sock cuffs---------12 votes
17---Bal gag------------------12 votes
18---Hood 2------------------11 votes
19---Leather straps----------11 votes
20---Ropes-------------------11 votes
21---Suspension harness------11 votes
22---Head harness-----------10 votes
23---Wrist-to-chest cuffs------9 votes
24---Blindfold harness---------8 votes
25---Neck cuff-----------------8 votes
26---Wrist cuffs---------------8 votes
27---Bondage belt waist--------7 votes
28---Feet suspension cuffs-----7 votes
29---Suspension equipment----7 votes
30---Mattress-----------------6 votes
31---Bondage board------------5 votes
32---Iron cuffs-----------------5 votes
33---Metal cuffs----------------5 votes
34---Hands suspension cuffs----4 votes
35---Sit sling-------------------2 votes

The total result.
The result are clear. I love to see that a lot of my readers/followers love a guy to be tied up in a strait jacket. In the poll it's the number one. So when we look at the top of the list with the results you see that in the next session the bondage guy has to wear a strait jacket (pic30) and a chastity shorts (pic10). He will be strapped in the bondage chair (pic8). The mitts and the cock cage don't mix with the strait jacket and the chastity shorts. Next on the list is hood 3 (pic19). The last choice which is useable in this session are the chains (pic9). I think it will be an interesting session......... yummie yummie......

The pictures with a guy inside this gear will be posted as soon as possible.

Thanks for all your votes. I have decided to do this more often. It will always be a surprise what the outcome will be…

Please feel free to leave a message if you also enjoyed the poll. Other ideas are also welcome.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Straitjacket used in other way: arms down

Sometimes a bondage session has to be more compfy. At least that is what the bondage boy must believe. He's put in his well worn leather pants, leather sock cuffs, leather hood and leather straitjacket. The strait jacket is used arms down and his arms are strapped to his body. He also has to wear a suspension harness (he asked why but i didn't tell him that...... i had other plans with that.....). His dick is locked away in a cock cage.
And there he was on the mattress squirming around.....

What he doesn't know yet is that he will be chained up severely soon so he can hardly move..... ha, ha, ha ....comfy.......grinnn.
Unfortunately there aren't any pictures of this chained up guy, but i made a movie of it........

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Leather in the streets (2)

I think it's time to see some more guys in leather on the street. A lot of people who love leather don't dare to wear it as normal street wear. I love to wear lether pants and love the reactions of people looking. I wear them in the weekend, but also to my work/office.
Don't be scared and dare to make a difference!
The streetlife get's beter to look at !!

Here are some examples of nice leather street wear en guys (like me) daring to wear it!!

Do you dare to wear your leathers in the day light ?? Please leave your reaction so other people can learn from them !!
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