Thursday, September 30, 2010

Straitjacket chained down

This video needs no intro. Just a horny two hour of bondage in leather, chains and padlocks. You can wake me up in the middle of the night for this......

Monday, September 27, 2010

Sauna suit and straitjacket

My bondage mate said it was time for me to rest a little. Because he didn't want me to get a cold he decided i had to wear my sauna suit underneath the straitjacket. Some leather neck- and ankle cuffs chained and padlocked to the floor completed the picture.

That i liked this horny relaxing bondage i need not to say...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Horny headgear

Some pictures of me in some of my headgear. Padlocked of course.....

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Suspension head down

I had seen many pictures of guys beeing suspended head down. I wanted to try that too. So i put on my tight leather motorcycle suit and my motorboots. My bondage mate chained my feet to the suspension beam which is connected to a hoist. My hands where cuffed with a prisoners transport chain going through my crotch. I was hooded and gagged. After a few seconds the hoist did his job and my feet where traveling up to the ceiling. What a horny feeling! But for a short time. The blood was running to my head and that was uncomfortable. What are your experiences. Please let me know in your comments. What can i do to last longer in this bondage scene ?

What are your experiences. Please let me know in your comments. What can i do to last longer in this bondage scene ?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Chained to the floor

Again a bondage session i think i like the most: chained to the floor on my mattress. It was a little bit warm in my playroom that afternoon, so not much leather this time. Only leather cuffs and straps......... but all padlocked........ Keys to all the padlocks within reach but not really.......

Enjoy the view..... (I did)........

Also the last piece of leather clothing had to go......

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Straitjacket and camo pants

A friend of mine, and also a bondage enthousiast, came by and wanted to try his own canvas straitjacket on himself. He had a camo pants on. I hooded him and put him in his jacket and strapped it tight. Added some extra (lockable) straps and a pair of (lockable) ankle cuffs used in the army.

After some time i added some rope.......

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Chained in the sitsling

I had to try a one-piece-suit made of pleather. It fitted me well, but that wasn't all that was going to happen to me. I had to test it (and sweat in it) for a longer time.........

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Results of the poll

Have you ever slept in bondage, and if so, how were you bound ?
Yes 42
No 13

With chains 21
With ropes 12
With leather straps/cuffs 30
With rubber straps/cuffs 8
With medical restrains 11

55 People voted. 42 of them have slept in bondage. Mostly bound with chains and comfy leather straps/cuffs. Again a nice result i think. I whish you horny thoughts while sleeping.....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Straitjacket on the mattress

This time i was put in full leather (pants, socks, straitjacket, hood) and then chained and padlocked on to the mattress. My best piece was put in my self made cockcage and padlocked also. Two horny hours i had to stay in there............!!

....... but i didn't mind.......(wink)...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Straitjacket with CB in sling

Here is a movie i found in my archives of a bondage victim strapped in a straitjacket and locked in a chastity device. To make it comfortable he's strapped in a sling to "rest".

Monday, September 6, 2010

Playing with leather, chains and padlocks

This happens when someone is playing with a leather boy, some chains and padlocks....

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