Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Results of the poll

What binding materials do you like the most?
Leather straps 33 51%
Leather cuffs 29 45%
Medical restraints 25 39%
Chains and padlocks 22 34%
Rope 21 32%
Duct tape 21 32%
Metal cuffs 18 28%
Irons 16 25%
Rubber cuffs 11 17%
Clingfilm 10 15%
Rubber straps 9 14%

64 People have voted; 33 of them (=51% !) liked to be bound with leather straps and 29 of them with leather cuffs. And 34 % want to be chained up and struggle in padlocked chains.
How nice you like my fetish as much as i do. That's the way, aha, aha, i like it.
It sure gives me the strength to go on with this blogsite !

Thanks for voting and..... there will be a new one. Let me and the other readers of this blog know what you think!!

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